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Flourescence Beauty - Wat Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao

One of the reasons why I love photography is that I get the opportunity to experience and photograph beautiful locations. I first visited this temple in May 2016. The name of this temple is Wat Sirindhorn Wararam Phu Prao. The main attractions of this temple are the "Tree of Life" and the patterns on the temple grounds (resembling roots which extend from the Tree of Life) which glow after the sun sets.

The two images below are from the 2016 visit, only one corner area at the back of the temple was painted with flourescent paint and it already looked special and beautiful.

One local Thai visitor told me that Wat Phu Prao (in short) is the 3rd most beautiful temple in Thailand. Located in Sirindhorn district, Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand. It is situated on a hill top which also overlooks the Mekong River, to me this was the most beautiful temple I have photographed so far.

I visited this beautiful temple again in July 2017 and this time the temple was even more beautiful with so many more flourescent patterns painted around the grounds of the temple. This time I also brought my drone to photograph the temple for an aerial view.

Enjoy viewing the 2017 images (I still do) ........

and the beauty of the temple from an aerial perspective.......

During this latest visit, I managed to chat with one of the resident "forest" monks. He spoke fluent english and mentioned that the artist responsible for the luminescent patterns is continuing his work on the remaining undecorated corners at the front of the temple.

I will definitely re-visit Wat Phu Prao in 2018 and hopefully I will be able to photograph the completed flourescent patterns all round the temple.

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