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NiSi S5 Filter System for the Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 - an Introduction

A very special thanks to NiSi Filters Singapore for providing me with NiSi's latest S5 filter holder system and also 3 filters for my Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 ultra-wide angle lens.

I had received the filter system on the 19th and I felt so guilty not having tested it yet. When a friend asked me if I wanted to shoot early today morning , I jumped at the opportunity.

So what I am going to share in this blog is my first impressions on the new S5 Filter Holder System. I was anxiously looking to answer the following questions as personally I "dread" using filter systems because my previous experience with the large filter systems for the 14-24 were cumbersome and did not really fit my requirements.

Was it easy to use ?

Was it easy to insert the filters ?

Did the holder attach firmly onto the threadless Nikkor 14-24mm lens ?

How was the build quality ?

Could I use the filter system with a Circular Polarizer (CPL) easily ?

Read on to find out !

The new NiSi S5 Filter Holder system consists of the following :

- a holder system that can easily hold 2 filters AND a Circular Polarizer (CPL)

- a lens mount adapter that is dedicated to the Nikkor 14-24mm

- a dedicated NiSi bag which is light yet well built

The dedicated NiSi bag which snugly holds the filter holder system and the dedicated CPL

Image captured with iPhone 6+

The Dedicated CPL - Image captured with iPhone 6+

My favourite innovation from the new NiSi S5 is the external rotating wheel which allows me to rotate the dedicated CPL WITHOUT affecting the position of the other filters at all. You can clearly see the external rotating wheel in this image - Images captured with iPhone 6+

The NiSi S5 holder system with two filters mounted look impressive with my Nikkor 14-24mm and Nikon D850 - Images captured with iPhone 6+

First Impressions on ease of use

- Build quality is excellent , more than a match for even more expensive filter systems

- Extremely easy to use (even for me) - less than 60 seconds to mount the holder system

- The screw-on lens adapter screws onto the lens hood easily and snugly with no damage at all

- I could screw-on even with the lens mounted onto the camera

- Easy to tighten the thumb screws to lock the holder in place

- Love the fact that I can rotate the CPL INDEPENDENTLY without have to adjust the other filters

- I inserted two filters EASILY and SMOOTHLY (removing was just as easy)

The S5 Filter holder first impressions are great !! There is almost no learning curve and it looks great too.

How using filters correctly helps a photographer ?

Pardon the appeal and the aesthetics of the images below , I just wanted to quickly illustrate for this blog how using filters correctly can help a photographer tremendously. It was very unfortunate that the weather today morning was completely overcast and grey.

1. BALANCING the EXPOSURE for the top and bottom portions of the scene

With 2 NiSi filters in place

1. 3 stops medium GND (Medium nano-IR GND8(0.9) , 150mm x 170mm

2. 10 stops ND (Nano IR ND1000(3.0) , 150mm x 150mm

Bottom photo - without the filters in place , sky is overexposed impacting the details in the top portion of the buildings. The foreground was also darker due to the exposure which was biased on exposing the buildings in a similar manner to the top photo

2. Getting it 1st time right with the overall exposure

This image was captured at dawn (before 6am)

With the above two filters in place , this was a SINGLE capture. The building details and even the building signs were captured very well. In other words there was no need to digitally blend during post production

I hope the above was a good first time introduction to the NiSi S5 Filter holder system and to NiSi filters.

Watch out for more images and more of my impressions as I continue using the NiSi system with my D850 & Nikkor 14-24mm in my photography adventures. Till the next blog.



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