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LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C - A Follow Up Update

If you had read my review on the LaCie 2TB Rugged USB-C All Terrain external storage drive dated Feb 09th 2019 , you would have noticed that I really liked this external storage device.

Click on image to read Feb 9th Review

To read my Feb 09th Review , please clck on the LaCie image on the right

This tough 2TB external drive was perfect for my photography trips especially for those premium trips.

So I decided to bring the LaCie to Japan in February for a week as I photographed various subjects in winter conditions.

The LaCie travelled with me to Tokyo , Yamanoushi - Nagano Prefecture and Shiroshi - Miyagi Prefecture.

So how did the LaCie Perform ?

The LaCie performed with ZERO issues during the entire trip.

Not once did it exhibit any signs of slowing down or had difficulties connecting

The LaCie followed me as I was exposed to the winter outdoor conditions or when I was in the "warmer" indoor conditions.

In the images here , you can see droplets on the LaCie top surface as it got a little wet in during a continuous drizzle as I used it to capture some product shots (with my smartphone).

So yes , I did intentionally expose the LaCie to "abnormal" conditions albeit very briefly which it would not have faced in Singapore.

As mentioned in my first review , I really liked the performance of the LaCie , above you can see my screenshot showing my MacBook screen when I was transferring more than 12GB of images from my XQD card to the LaCie.

> 12GB transferred from card to LaCie in less than 2 minutes. The LaCie's transfer speed performance was FAST and REPEATABLE , just what I needed from an external storage drive. The LaCie was consistently faster then my previous Rugged storage device.

Ha Ha , here you can see yours truly "working" on a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Shiroishi which was close to a 2 hours ride.

The LaCie Rugged is USB powered which is so convenient & I don't need an additional power cord.

I also love that "Screaming Loud" Orange Silicone protector , which is so vibrant and loud that it makes a perfect reminder for me not to forget packing it when I finish my work !!

Closing Comments

The LaCie Rugged USB-C is now my primary external storage drive which I use to do speedy backups and protect my images during my overseas photography trips. Definitely a product which I would recommend to others who needs a product that gives the user full confidence that it will work smoothly all the time.

As I pen this blog , 2 weeks has passed since my return from Japan , the LaCie continues with no hiccups whatsoever in hot & humid Singapore !

Leaving you with a couple of images that the LaCie was used to "protect" ......

Male Red Foxes challenging each other for dominance.

Location : ZAO Fox Village , Shiroishi , Miyagi Prefecture

Mother & Child - Snow Monkeys at Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

Yamanouchi , Nagano Prefecture

The "Busiest" Intersection in the world - Shibuya Crossing , Tokyo

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