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  • Andrew JK Tan

Nikon D850 - In Camera RAW conversion to JPEG

I have been using the Nikon D850 now for close to a month now and I am still finding some new cool features that are really useful.

Here is one in the Retouch Menu called NEF (RAW) Processing , where the photographer can select the number of RAW files to process (if required) and convert to JPEG format. All done in-camera which is much faster if compared to converting during post-processing.

Next the photographer can select the RAW files to process

The photographer then has the option not only to select different JPEG file types but also to "edit" the file(s) in-camera

1. select the different JPEG file types

2. image size

3. white balance

4. exposure compensation

5. apply different picture control

6. ISO NR setting

7. Color Space

8. Vignette Control

9. Active D-Lighting level

The converted RAW into JPEG FINE format. The whole in-camera process to convert and apply the selected settings was extremely fast ...... definitely faster then doing the equivalent during post processing on the photographer's desktop or notebook.

Now to me having the ability to convert especially a batch of RAW files to JPEG and process those files in-camera can be extremely useful. This can be extremely useful when the photographer :

- needs to send to clients urgently and short of time to post process

- client needs images urgently and notebook or desktop is down

- forgot to shoot JPEG versions

- just needs a quick edit

Just how fast is this process to convert ?

Well it took 17 minutes to convert and apply the changes I wanted (for every file) in camera for 465 RAW files. This is equivalent to about 2.2 seconds per file and that includes saving time. So all in all pretty cool and efficient.

Thanks Nikon for providing this very cool feature !!

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