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  • Andrew JK Tan

Nikon D850 - New 45.7MP Sensor works wonders in the real world

In this blog , I just wanted to share what you should experience with the new sensor out in the real world and hopefully you will be able to take advantage of them.


- shoot slightly underexposed to protect highlights

- above mentioned point works very well if you are using ISO1600 & below

- even above ISO1600 up to 12,800 , shadow recovery works brilliantly though noise will increase

- shadow details recovery behaves like the D810 which is superb

Screenshot of how the original version looks like

This is how the final version looks like after post production

Image capture details :

- ISO400

- f4.0

- 1/1250s

- 50mm focal length

- lens used : 24-120mm f4.0

- file format : JPEG FINE


- your images should look crisper with your existing set of lenses

- subject details captured should also improve

- just make sure that your image has tack sharp focus

- if you do not experience this behaviour , then I would recommend the following:

a) make sure shutter speed is fast enough to freeze subject

b) hand-hold steadily , use tripod or monopod if you are not sure you are steady enough

c) use the Auto AF Fine-tune to fine-tune the auto focus performance.

Screenshot of the original version image magnified to 400% after shadow details recovery

- you can see superb details even at 400% magnification

- 24-120mm is not the sharpest Nikkor but that did not stop me from seeing the improvements.

- subject is pretty "clean" with almost zero digital artefacts after shadow recovery

Till my next blog , happy shooting with the D850.

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