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  • Andrew JK Tan

Nikon D850 - Multiple-Exposure has a cool NEW option !!

The Multiple-Exposure feature has been in the semi-pro and pro line of models for quite a while now. I am not too sure if many of the photographers use this feature but I do actually use it when I photograph different genres to create images that look different and have a different flavor to them.

In the Nikon D850 , the mutiple exposure mode has been improved by now giving the photographer the option to save or not to save the individual exposures used to create the multiple-exposure.

This additional option is another excellent initiative by Nikon as it again encourages the photographer to re-look at how he or she can be more creative in using this tool.

For example with the individual images saved , they can now be used to optimize the blending flexibility during post production with the potential to produce even better creations.

A few tips in creating interesting & appealing multiple-exposure images :

1. Try to overlap images with SIMPLE backgrounds where possible

2. As always , PLAN your multiple-exposure shot in your head , PRE-VISUALISE it first

3. Avoid overlapping too much or overlap onto a plain / simple background

4. Executing point 2 & 3 will help in determining where to place the main subject

5. I like to use AVG overlay mode but do experiment the different modes available.

Multiple Exposure (2 shots) Highlights from today's (20th Oct 2017) WTA Future Stars - SemiFinal match between Salsa AHER from India and Ya-Hsin LEE from Taipei.

VERSUS regular tennis action shots which can be a tad "boring" at times

Nikon has not only introduced new cool tools like the FOCUS SHIFT tool to provide more creative imaging options to photographers , Nikon has continued to update & improve existing tools too like the Multiple-Exposure feature.

Great going Nikon !!

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