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  • Andrew JK Tan

Nikon D850 - 45.7MP Extreme High ISO performance - Use it with confidence

I have been pretty busy lately but I finally found some time to share my experience with the extreme high ISO capability of the Nikon D850.

I am NOT going to do any scientific comparisons but instead I am just going to share my ultra high ISO images from ISO6400 right up to ISO51,200 and let your screen do the work of convincing you how usable the image can be. Each image shared will have a link to a FLICKR Lightbox version which should show a larger image when viewed on your desktop or iMac.

Before I share , let me share three points to set things in perspective :

1. Update everyone on the basic post production performed on these Nikon D850 JPEG FINE* images.

- color , contrast adjustments using Photoshop CC's Camera Raw Filter

- single Noise Reduction pass (manual sampling to generate profile) using NEAT IMAGE

- resampled to 3000 pixels (width) for web viewing

2. For all images shared , the High ISO Noise reduction in-camera was set to NORMAL

3. Share my quick thoughts on the Image Quality (IQ)

- Details wise I am really impressed even at ISO51,200 ....... with proper post processing , the image has details that are similar to that shot on ISO6400 by my "older" Nikons.

- If I pixel peep (200% to 400% magnification) , the quality of the pixel is of course more "plasticky" in look due to the in-camera noise reduction if I compare to the pixels of say the ISO1600 or ISO3200 files and this is of course expected !! So here we go !!









ISO40,637 (Fishing Cat in Night Safari)

ISO51,200 (Fishing Cat in Night Safari)

Hope you enjoyed the images.

Till the next blog, Happy shooting.



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