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NiSi S6 Filter Holder - What's to LIKE ?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Special thanks to NiSi & NiSi Singapore for providing the brand new NiSi S6 150mm Filter Holder Kit for me to try with my Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ultra-wide zoom lens !

I had used the NiSi S5 150mm filter holder before so it was possible to make a comparison on what I liked or disliked with the new NiSi S6.

NiSi makes 150mm filter holders that are dedicated to the ultra-wide zoom lenses without filter threads for the different lens manufacturers.

This dedication ensures a filter holder that matches perfectly with the ultra-wide zoom lens that you may be using.

The NiSi S6 Filter holder is extremely well built & finished with new useful improvements incorporated into this holder.

Let's take a look into this improvements then.

New Locking System

Integrated is the key word here. The integrated wheel can be rotated to lock the filter holder in place.

By rotating in the opposite direction to the locking direction the filter holder can be rotated or removed from the main adaptor body to attach the accompanying Circular Polariser (CPL).

This new design is much more natural & easy to use.

New Matting Treatment / Layer

This new matting treatment I feel is one of most crucial improvements to the new S6 150mm Filter Holder.

The coarse layer will definitely help to reduce reflections , ghosting & flare ultimately providing increased potential to obtain better images then before.

New Silver Locking Ring

This new oxidised rear silver locking ring just shouts out to the photographer !!

A little too outstanding for my taste but I am sure there are many out there that will love this new look.

It's solid with great feel , the soft material on the inside allows the adaptor to be attached or removed from my lens easily without any damage.

New refined front filter holder design

NiSi always listens to their many users & now the front filter holder design has been refined to allow easier removal & insertion of filters especially ND filters without compromising on holding the filters securely.

I can't quantify how easy it is but it's definitely not difficult & the filters are definitely held securely as they should be.

Geared Design to rotate CPL

The two gears incorporated into the NiSi S6 filter holder allows the accompanied CPL (which comes with the S6 Filter Holder Kit) to be easily rotated for the desired polarising effect..

Included S6 Lens Cap

Definitely the largest lens cap I have seen or used.

It may be funny to some but it is an important addition as it not only protects the CPL when in place but it also protects my 14-24mm lens when the CPL is not in place !

This is especially important when I regularly use the CPL or 3 stops GND during my outdoor / street photography sessions.

I hope this summary of the key features of the new NiSi S6 filter holder kit will help you understand a little more of what NiSi has done to improve their already excellent S5 filter holder system.

Also not to forget this last point, the S6 kit is nicely protected by the compact case which of course is included in the kit so thank you NiSi for the job well done !!!

Watch out for more NiSi S6 blogs as I use it in the field.

Till then Andrew signing off.

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