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Part 01 - Intro to the NiSi S6 Filter Holder System

Happy 2021 Folks !

Let's start this new year by sharing some great quality photography related hardware with a 2 part introduction to NiSi's new S6 Filter Holder system which is available for use with ultra-wide zooms from all major lens manufacturers that do not have a screw in filter thread.

I had used the S6 with my Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens for a couple of weeks & was really impressed with the overall enhancements & improvements to the previous version.

As the S6 is a very comprehensive system with new enhancements , the introduction is divided into 2 parts for easier assimilation & viewing.

So here's Part 01 of the Introduction Video

I know intro videos can be pretty boring but I do hope you find it useful , Part 02 will be next.



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